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Dear Customer,

We have some BIG news! We will temporarily be closing our website after Christmas 2012.  We could be closed for 6-12 months.  The reason for this big change is that we are taking the necessary steps to expand another family business.  Happy Saver Surplus Grocery will be expanding to a 10,000 square foot store.  Our ShopCrownhouse team will be needed at Happy Saver to help get the business up and running.  We will be back at ShopCrownhouse, once we are able to return.  The Happy Saver expansion will help our ShopCrownhouse shoppers by supplying great items more frequently and at better prices than before.

We will still be listing great deals on ebay under our ebay id "shopcrownhouse".  We are sad that we will be away from our website,  However, we are so excited about this next step in our quest to save people money.  We want to be able to give ALL of our customers the best customer service and awesome deals.  That will not be possible unless we take an extended vacation from  When we come back we will be better than ever before.

We are sorry for any inconvenience our temporary closing may cause you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before the end of 2012.  Once we make the transition to Happy Saver, we will no longer be available to answer emails or offer phone support for  Ebay users will be able to contact us via messages in ebay.

Thank you for being part of the ShopCrownhouse family.  We appreciate all of our loyal customers. 

Until we meet again...BE BLESSED!

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