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"Scratch and Dent " refers to the retail packaging of some of our products. It is a term that loosely describes the condition of some of our items. Since our inventory comes from a variety of sources, the condition of each item may vary. Packaging may be crushed, dented, torn, or taped. Please be assured that our Quality Control Team verifies the contents to be as described on the packaging. In cases where the packaging is beyond repair, we may remove it completely. Along with the wear and tear of the packaging, some spray type products may be missing the plastic cap that covers the nozzle. In these cases we ship the product with a makeshift cardboard replacement.

"SECONDS" is the term given to items which we feel do not meet our normal "Scratch and Dent" standard.  Items in this category are usually retail returns/overstocks which we receive in a Box-Lot fashion.  Seconds are those items that consumers have already inspected at the retail level.  Broken and used items are discarded.  ie. The package of socks was opened to feeeeel if they were really as soft as they say; or the eyeshadow was uncapped to see just how shimmery.  Perfect!  But instead of buying the inspected package, we take the new, uninspected one home with us.  Those inspected products never make it off the retail shelf - who wants to pay FULL price for an opened item?!?!  Now, you don't have to!  All those customer approved items are now available at deep discount prices.

If you are looking for products in "perfect retail shelf condition", please email us. We understand that some items may be purchased as gifts, and therefore the product packaging should be as pretty as the gift you are giving.

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