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Expiration Dates: What They Mean

We have listed product Expiration Dates for your convenience.  If there is not a date listed on the item page, then the product does not have an Expiration Date.

What does the Expiration Date mean? - The Expiration Date listed is either the "Best By" or "Expire" date printed or stamped on a product by the manufacturer.  If the date given only lists a month and a year, then the product's expiration date is the last day of the given month.

We list the date from our inventory that is closest to today's date as the Expiration Date.  You could receive products with the date given or a later date.

What does EXPIRED mean? - EXPIRED products are items that have reached or passed their "Best By" or Expire" date.  We list these products for sale to our customers that want to get a really great deal, and are not concerned by the date of the product.

How can you sell EXPIRED products? - We are located in Pennsylvania, where it is legal to buy and sell EXPIRED products.

Are EXPIRED products safe? - We can only speak from personal experience that expired products are safe.  We have been using them our whole lives.  It is ultimately the customer that must decide for themselves whether to use EXPIRED products.

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